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Road Update

Effective March 13th 2023 

Rural Municipality of Buffalo No. 409

BYLAW NO. 1/2023


The Council of the Municipality of Buffalo No. 409, in the Province of Saskatchewan, enacts as follows:

Part I – Purpose and Definitions


  1. The purposes of this bylaw are

  1. to establish or adopt a vehicle weight management system to regulate the weight of vehicles, or vehicles with their loads, using municipal highways or any particular municipal highways in the municipality and


  1. (1)  Except as hereinafter provided, words used in this bylaw shall have the

                    meanings ascribed to them in The Vehicle Weight and Dimension Regulations, 1999.

  1.  In this bylaw:

  1. “Administrator” means the administrator of the municipality, appointed pursuant to section 2 of The Municipalities Act; and

  1. “Minister” means the member of the Executive Council to whom for the time being the      administration of The Highways and Transportation Act, 2010, is assigned.

  1. “Bylaw Enforcement Officer” means a person appointed to this position by the Council of the Rural Municipality of Buffalo No. 409.

  1. “Municipality” means the Rural Municipality of Buffalo No. 409.

Road Committee

  1. Council may by resolution establish a road committee for the purpose of issuing orders in

accordance with The Municipalities Regulations Part III. 

  1. The committee shall consist of two (2) members of council and each appointment shall be for a term of one year, reviewed each January.

  2. The committee may issue an order, which order is Schedule “A” forming part of this bylaw, only

if, due to inclement weather or unfavorable road conditions, the use of the road in the manner prohibited by the order would, in the opinion of the road committee reasonably be expected to result in:

  1. damage to the road; or

  2. a high risk of property damage or personal injury to the public.

Part II – Vehicle Weights

Weight Limits on Municipal Roads in the Municipality

6          Primary Weights, according to The Vehicle Weight and Dimension Regulations, 1999. are allowed

without permit for all municipal roads within the boundaries of the Rural Municipality of Buffalo No. 409

Page 2 of Bylaw #1-2023

Vehicles Without Rubber Tires

7          No person shall, without a permit, shall operate or move or cause to be operated or moved on or over a municipal highway a vehicle without rubber tires.



8          (1) A person who contravenes any provision of this bylaw is guilty of an offence.

  1. as per the General Penalty Bylaw.

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